Moreland Properties

Anna Lee


Moreland Properties is an amazing Real Estate company, and I wanted to share why I chose this company for me and my clients.

​​​​​​​On their website, their strengths are listed as follows:

– Three offices in prime locations
– Locally owned with Real Estate professionals available seven days a week for consultation
– Emphasis on a cooperative and collaborative environment
– Strong referral networks on internal, external and international levels
– Solid reputation within real estate and related industries
– Extensive familiarity with area neighborhoods and schools
– Wide-spread involvement in local communities and charitable organizations
– Appreciation of the uniqueness of every transaction
– Striving to make every transaction a positive experience for all parties involved
– Continuously updated website maintained by in-house web professional
– Continued growth, despite fluctuating economic conditions

Personally, I believe it is a local Austin company built on the foundation of high standards. Emily Moreland, who started the company in 1986, “always imagined a company that held the standards of professionalism, ethics, integrity, dependability, commitment and hard work as high as she did. She wanted a company that built relationships and gave back to the community. She wanted a company that loved the Austin area as much as she did (and still does).”

Moreland Properties place clients first. It’s not about money or status; Moreland wants to make sure every single person who walks through the door is treated like royalty.

​​​​​​​I am grateful I am not on this journey alone, and have a full team to support me, which ultimately means helping my clients! I believe my clients find out the true meaning behind a local Austin company, a niche, boutique real estate firm, when they discover Moreland Properties. Call me today, if you want to learn more.


Anna Morrison Lee, a fourth generation Austin resident, has always embraced her family’s core belief in service. You will immediately realize, she brings this dedication to every transaction.

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