Best Family Spring Break

Anna Lee


What is the destination for the best family spring break? I get this question a lot because my girls are grown, and we have had many spring breaks outside of Austin. The beach is our favorite place for a vacation, so many times, we head to Mexico which is a quick, easy spot to go. Although, when I think of my top, dream vacation, it’s St Barthelemy, [aka St Barth].

Today, I thought I’d share why St Barth is the best Family Friendly Spring Break destination.


Hands down, St Barth is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. As soon as you land, you will know you have arrived in Paradise.


There are no big amusement parks or water slides, no fancy neon signs and dancing characters, it’s just simply the beach.  Therefore, it’s easy and relaxing. St Barth also has plenty of family friendly restaurants, so it’s not difficult to find a great spot to eat. It really is an easy place to vacation, in every aspect.


First of all, to get to St Barth is easy. It’s a 10 minute plane ride from St Maarten, which is usually an place to travel from most anywhere in the US. Once you arrive, St Barth is a small island, so everything is within 20 minutes away, no matter where you want to go.


For a vacation spot to be a safe, whether it involves a family or not, has become a luxury in itself. St Barth is one of the safest places in the world, which makes for a much, more relaxing holiday for everyone.

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