Converting A Wood Burning Fireplace

Anna Lee


Converting a wood burning fireplace is an easy option for home buyers. It’s been a perfect, warm weathered winter here in Austin, where a fireplace isn’t forefront in our minds, but this was a recent question I had from a client, so I thought I’d share what I found.

There are mainly 3 different types of fireplaces: wood burning, electric and gas. I love the smell, looks and sounds of a good ole fashioned fireplace but the cleaning, and safety issues surrounding wood burning can outweigh the good. So, the question usually is, “Should I choose electric or gas?” Sometimes, the answer is as easy as the availability. If you don’t currently have a gas line, an electric fireplace will be the easiest and least expensive route.

There is an article found in Houzz in regards to the different options, but here is a snapshot of what the author, Laura Gaskill, had to say:


“A gas fireplace insert can provide efficient warmth and ambiance without the health or environmental concerns associated with wood burning, but at a higher initial cost than other options.”


“Electric fireplace inserts are a good choice if you have a non-functioning chimney or wish to place a TV over the mantel, and they typically cost less to install than a gas insert.”

This article also talks about Vented Gas Logs, and Wood Pellet Fireplace Inserts as additional options. Therefore, if having a fireplace is the only thing holding you back from buying a particle house, these are all great options.


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