LBJ Library

Anna Lee


The LBJ Library is a treasure in the city of Austin. Today is Presidents Day and it makes me so proud to think of Lyndon B Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson (who came to our wedding years ago!). Have you ever had a chance to visit this iconic spot in our city?

Their website has a lot of information in regards to tickets, their exhibits and more, but here is a snapshot:


​​​​​​​The LBJ museum has permanent and temporary exhibits including the following:

– Listen to dozens of LBJ’s historic White House telephone conversations
– Step into a replica of the Oval Office
– Experience the president’s decision-making process in interactive displays about the Six-Day War and Vietnam War
– Discover how legislation signed by LBJ affects you today
– Peek into Lady Bird Johnson’s office and learn about her environmental efforts and White House Years​​​​​​


The museum stores more than 45 million pages of an extensive audiovisual collection, including photos and hours of recordings, and 55,000+ artifacts donated by the Johnson family, their friends, and other American people.

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There are tickets available online, and there is free admission to the following:

Free admission to:

– Children 12 and under
– Active duty military
– Members of Friends of the LBJ Library and Future Forum membership groups
– Members of other NARA Presidential Libraries
– Student groups (including school staff) with reservations
– The University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, and staff with valid ID
– Recipients of SNAP, WIC, and MAP

Free admission days:

– Martin Luther King Day
– Presidents Day
– Explore UT
– Memorial Day
– The Fourth of July
– August 27 (LBJ’s birthday)
– Veterans Day
– Austin Museum Day (Sept. 22, 2019)


Anna Morrison Lee, a fourth generation Austin resident, has always embraced her family’s core belief in service. You will immediately realize, she brings this dedication to every transaction.

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