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Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Real Estate in Austin, Texas has become necessary today because of CoVid-19.  I am...

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15 Smart Ways To Attract Retiree Home Buyers

15 Smart Way to Attract Retiree Home Buyers was the topic for discussion on the Forbes Real...

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continental club

Continental Club

The Continental Club may be one of the most iconic, legendary spots in Austin.  Since SXSW...

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austin flower company

David Kurio Designs

David Kurio Designs is a legend.  I love it when my clients ask about my favorite florist in town,...

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family friendly st barth

Best Family Spring Break

What is the destination for the best family spring break?  I get this question a lot because my...

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Tarrytown is one of the top neighborhoods in Austin, and today's blog is dedicated to why it is a...

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LBJ Library

The LBJ Library is a treasure in the city of Austin. Today is Presidents Day and it makes me so...

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jeffreys restaurant in austin

Most Romantic Restaurant in Austin

I get asked about the Most Romantic Restaurant in Austin this time of year, and it has been the...

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Converting a Wood Burning Fireplace

Converting a wood burning fireplace is an easy option for home buyers.  It's been a perfect, warm...

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barton creek greenbelt

Barton Creek Greenbelt

Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of many hiking trails located within the city limits of Austin. It...

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best real estate company, top producing

Moreland Properties

Moreland Properties is an amazing Real Estate company, and I wanted to share why I chose this...

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Austin ranked #1 Best Place to Live

US News & World Report ranked Austin #1 place to live, and here's why!   People are...

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