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David Kurio Designs

David Kurio Designs

David Kurio Designs is a legend.  I love it when my clients ask about my favorite florist in town, because there is no comparison here in the city.  He is the best flower designer and company in Austin!

What makes him so special?


When you walk into a party, or someone’s home or office, and you see a David Kurio design, you will recognize it right away.  Not because he does the same thing over and over, but each floral arrangement is creative.  Even when he puts together a simple orchid, there is so much creativity in its presentation.  Although, no matter how creative, his design is simple and elegant.


Any party who wants to take their party to the next level, will call David Kurio designs.  He’s a true artist, who will come into a space and make it unique and dynamic.


Luxury is the first word that comes to mind when you think of David Kurio.  He uses the best flowers, which lasts so much longer than most floral arrangements.  He also uses luxurious vases and containers, depending on what kind of arrangement you order.

Check out his website here if you want to see more, or follow him on social media.  You are in for a treat.

Today is a Plant a Flower Day, so if you are inspired by David Kurio and his designs, go and plant your own flower today!

Please note: Image from @davidkuriodesigns


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