March 2020

15 Smart Ways To Attract Retiree Home Buyers

15 Smart Way to Attract Retiree Home Buyers was the topic for discussion on the Forbes Real Estate Council. I had the privilege of being able to participate in this article published on In the Real Estate world, baby boomers are a vital part of the buying and selling of homes here in United States.  So, how can we attract these clients?  Here is the summary of what Forbes found out: 1....

continental club

Continental Club

The Continental Club may be one of the most iconic, legendary spots in Austin.  Since SXSW cancelled, and everyone is in the spirit of supporting local, I thought it would be perfect timing to share about this historic spot with live music. The Beginning: The legendary Continental Club opened in 1955 and has been deemed as the one the oldest Austin clubs. It's roots were started as a supper club, then ...

austin flower company

David Kurio Designs

David Kurio Designs is a legend.  I love it when my clients ask about my favorite florist in town, because there is no comparison here in the city.  He is the best flower designer and company in Austin! What makes him so special? CREATIVE When you walk into a party, or someone's home or office, and you see a David Kurio design, you will recognize it right away.  Not because he does the same thing...

family friendly st barth

Best Family Spring Break

What is the destination for the best family spring break?  I get this question a lot because my girls are grown, and we have had many spring breaks outside of Austin. The beach is our favorite place for a vacation, so many times, we head to Mexico which is a quick, easy spot to go. Although, when I think of my top, dream vacation, it's St Barthelemy, . Today, I thought I'd share why St Barth is the...

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